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     Before I reached Sancerre itself, in the middle of a hillside located opposite the village, I noticed an area showing all the characteristics of a phylloxeric patch. I asked to be taken there frst.
All the roots I examined were covered with phylloxera. In the centre of the patch, which was of nearly circular shape and covered virtually 50 ares, the vine stocks were in a state of very advanced decline. They would certainly not grow again next year. The hillside where I recognized the phylloxera is known as
Embouffants (...).
Letter from Professor Franc to the Prefect, 21 August 1885.
     Côte des Embouffants
is located 1 km from SANCERRE as the bird fies and less than 800m from
our cellars.
     The subsoil here contains a great deal of limestone, of building stone type, in a layer of around 25cm thick. The thin arable layer, of only 20 to 25 cm, is a very light earth mixed with small stones known as “caillottes”.
     On this south-facing, particularly well exposed and very sloped hillside (40 to 45%), the Sauvignon grape variety has found its chosen and its favourite terroir, and the grapes ripen here really very well, all the more so as the average age of the vines is over 20 years.
     Fine, dry, vigorous, fruity, .. The wine of this Clos is one that is highly appreciated, even when young, but its power and concentration make it a great aging wine that will display its full originality from its second year. Not surprising therefore that in 1777, Abbot Poupart, a priest in Sancerre, wrote in the history of Sancerre, “The Bouffants hillside is one of the best I know in our Sancerre region”.